Team Pakistan 2017

The strength of any strong state is its students. Students can turn the situation of that country, when we talk about Pakistan this statement becomes more powerful because students contribute their part in the success and development of this nation.

Students are national treasures in Pakistan because they can make this nation great with their thinking, dreaming and achieving. Students who are the youth of this country helps the nation in any type of riots. As it recorded 68% Pakistani population falls under age of group of 16 till 26 and that the age in which individual are students. It is imaginable how vital the role of theses students in upbringing of the country because today’s students will be tomorrow’s citizens. If anyone ponder up on the development of this nation can easily understand the role played by engineers, scientist, doctors and technicians.

The competition plays an important role for Pakistani students because they will have a chance to show and test their skill. Pakistan’s is progressing in the field of science and technology, the robotic technology is one of fastest growing technology that increases students interest. This kind computation in global level is not only help these students to show their talents but also to challenge themselves and learn new skills from others. Alongside this, its motivate them to work harder on building their talents.”