Team Palestine 2017

Karmen Kidess: I’m 16 years old, and I’m a student at SJS school. Making something out of nothing is my game. I’ve always loved to make my own stuff and my own DIYs. I often spend my free time exploring the world of technology, and I also like to act, read books, and cook.

Emiliana Ghanem: I am a 10th grader at Saint Joseph School. I live in Jifna (a small village near Ramallah). I don’t have a lot of practical experience in this area (robot competitions), but I love  such projects and I always explore such things on the internet. When I grow up my ambition is to be a Genetics Engineer. I was interested in your project after I saw all of the inventions that youth had invented at a young age. In the summer I spend most of my free time swimming and sometimes I play the violin and a little bit of piano.

Rahaf Ghabin: I am 16 years old, I am in Saint Joseph School in tenth grade. I am from Palestine and when I grow up I want to be a famous computer systems engineer. I’m awaiting the moment that I will make my dream come true. I spend most of my free time searching and learning new technologic things. I want to learn everything as soon as possible.


The three advisors  are so kind to us and they help us all the time , they stand with us and help us in any problem we face they are really amazing and so creative. They help us improve and make as excellent work as possible. We are so proud that they are our team advisors , we would like to thank them for being with us and helping us with every thing we need and also they’re there whenever we need them.