Team Paraguay 2017

Mbarete Guarani (Powerful Guarani Team)
Coming from the Traditional Guarani nation, Team Paraguay is composed of 7 members, which they are 5 talented Students (Maximiliano Alejandro Vuyk Gonzalez, Sebastian Santacruz Viñales, Alejandro José Molinas Vega,Eliana Montserrat Gonzalez Lopez, José Zeizig)  and 2 Profesional Mentors (José Cayetano Avalos Bogado and Yan Claude Bajac) from Centro Educativos Los Laureles School and the National University of Asuncion ( Polytechnic college).
Our Mision in the First Global Challenge is having a great experience building robots, making leadership and co-working with others foreign countries and of course win the challenge.
we are really proud for representing our Paraguay country showing who we are what we stand for the STEM in our people. Robotics and  Computer Programming  have been our passion for making technology and overall have fun doing what we love .

3 months ago we got started building the First Robot, The Teamwork was really fantastic when we created our own ideas, then building every mechanism in the robot (every details) and finally share our experience to our paraguay comunity and around the world.

Our Experiences in computer Programming are the greatest skill what we have, because the Progammer mentor prof.José Avalos and some of our students had been participating the microsoft competition in Computer Programming application (Software application ). The Centro Educativos Los Laureles school has been  and the Mechatronic Mentor Univ.Yan Bajac has been also participating in some national  robot sumo competition  and of course he’s the president one of the greatest robotic Club College in the national University of Asuncion, whose club has been considered the most active and robot maker in national and international events in Paraguay promoting the STEM in develop new technology for helping people.

We wish meeting new friends in the First Global Challenge and We also want to show our skill technically throught our robot just for saying that Paraguay CAN DO IT and finally give our collaboration for protecting and care the freshwater to be rich in natural resources all over the world.