Team Peru 2017

We are a team of Peruvian students who come from “Domingo Savio School” in Arequipa. We share the same special passion for robotics and computers, and through this hobby we can express our creativity in a ludic way.

We only have seven official team members traveling to the U.S., but below are all of those who have contributed to our team.

Our team is formed by nine guys: Moisés Hidalgo and José Huamaní who are the kings of programming, considered by us as the “brains” of the team, since they are in charge of the abstract aspect of the project, as well as the function of our robotic designs. Sebastián Rospigliosi, Enzo Hurtado, are the inexhaustible source of creativity in designs for endless prototypes; they are also gifted with an optimistic and joyful spirit, even when things don’t work as expected. However, they do not have to worry about everything since Sebastián Zegarra and Yerival Polanco are the ones who help us to take the best decisions, being a kind of moderators so we work in harmony.

And last but not least, we have André Gordillo and Karim Cáceres, who are in charge of testing our gadgets in a demanding operational assessment, it means they check how satisfactory are our robots at the time of presenting them to our public, they translate into words all the bricks mechanisms, shafts, gears and the connections of our transformers with the purpose of making our public not only enjoy the presentation but also receive the entire content of our message.

Participating in the 2017 FIRST Global Challenge is the perfect chance to demonstrate our abilities in creating and programming, the perfect time to be known for doing what we love and the perfect opportunity to show that best teams are those formed by friends and that best things can also be made in Peru.