Team Poland 2017

What is FIRST for us, who are we, what we want to achieve and how do we do it?

There are six of us, young and extremely ambitious students from various secondary schools in Kraśnik district, Poland supported by one Polish born student from the USA. We came in contact with robotics two years ago when we first heard about FIRST Robotics Competition. Curiosity was the seed which was planted in us. Yearning to learn more, we felt we needed to do something new, to create and change the world. Inspiration is what let us start the first FRC team in Poland. It was inspiration that watered the seed of our curiosity.

Without any previous experience we realised our first concept of a robot. The most important in all this was a motto ‘I’m human and nothing human is alien to me’. Two years spent on learning about robots let us develop as young tech experts in this area. The fruit of our work gave another seed – an idea to set up first FLL teams in our country. Through inspiration and getting to know new areas of science and technology we started the development of technology not only in us, but also in the youngest generation of students, the ones to decide about our future. From now on, they – along with us – will be growing and developing to be able to pass on their knowledge. We wouldn’t have done it without our mentors who have been with us all the time to support us. Their motto was ‘A day without studying is a lost day’. We go to different schools and come from different backgrounds, but we all wish for one thing: to have our impact on the development of the world.

We have many hobbies and we love spending time in an active way. Jogging, swimming, football or cycling are activities for the body. Maths, physics, IT or robotics are sports for the mind. The same way we take care of our bodies with our healthy lifestyle, we try to develop our minds. Each of us has a different hobby, different views and, most importantly, different life experience.

Connected by FIRST Global we try to pass our talents to others, because by teaching others we also learn. Every day an IT guy explains a software code to an electrician, and an electrician clarifies about memory chips to a mechanic. Learning about new areas of technology shows us how vast is science. Gathering our skills up in a team we create new technologies for the better future.

Each of us is like a cog in a machine. Together we make one complete gear which perfectly fits into the mechanism of FIRST – we are Team Poland.