Team Romania 2017

“We’re fascinated with robots because they are reflections of ourselves.” – Ken Goldberg

Why robots?

Because robotics is the future, if we all put our minds together then we can create a robot that at least on a theoretical level can solve a problem that is affecting so many people from all around the world. In this competition, we interact with an industry that is entirely made by and acts based on our needs as per design. As humans and machines, we work together to tackle our issues for the greater good of society, thus whilst creating robots we make a reflection of our endeavors and hopes, reflecting them in both design and programming.

Romania has become over the years a tech hub known all over Europe, with world-class education in IT and passionate, skilled people who invest in technology. During the 2016-2017 season FTC Romania gathered 54 national teams from 33 cities from all around the country for a robotics competition. This is just another example of the interest people -– in this case high school students – have in robotics.

The Romanian Robotics Olympics Team has members that have already been engaged in the robotics field.  All of us have taken part in FTC semi-Finals in Bucharest this year, but in different teams. Through this competition we met, became friends and are now attending the First Global Competition in one team. All of us are high schoolers that have been impacted by this competition not only by engaging us in robotics, but by teaching us great values and giving us an opportunity to work as a team, to create something that at first seemed impossible. We are looking forward to meeting kids from all around the world and we are so happy that we will be able to take part of this experience among so many people of our ages from who we have so many things to learn.

The 14 Grand Challenges highlighted throughout this competition show important problems that are currently faced by many countries from all around the world and we believe in the power that technology should solve these issues. This competition is the best way to inform us, the young and passionate kids, and other students that follow us throughout this journey about the possibility of solving these problems. We are so thankful to take part of a Global Community and to participate in this global movement.