Team Seychelles 2017

Seychelles is considered to be one of the youngest and smallest nations on the planet. This beautiful island state is found 4 degrees south of the equator and enjoys a tropical climate.

Our school Beau-Vallon Secondary is located on the North Western Coast of the main island. Like all the other schools in the country ours is mixed gender, ability and social background.

We the group feel really honoured that our school has been chosen to represent the country and probably the region as well. We are the best students in the school and feel very passionate about science and technology and in fact we try to keep up with the latest technological breakthrough especially where mobile phones are concerned.

For this FIRST Global robotics games we really want to do well and make our school, parents, and the whole of Seychelles proud. Robotics in Seychelles is not a new concept, but it will be a first to assemble one, and just the thought of the latter got us fully inspired.

Our goal is to make ourselves known to other countries, make new friends and probably learn about new cultures. We also want to use this as a learning platform whereby we will hopefully acquire new skills and knowledge.

Finally as not many people get to visit America, we feel really proud of ourselves.