Team Sierra Leone 2017

Mahmoud Javombo – Team Mentor

Mahmoud Javombo is the Program Director, Innovate Salone. Innovate Salone is Global Minimum Inc. flagship program in Sierra Leone that empowers young people by helping them realize their creative potentials using the Innovation Challenge platform.

Mahmoud holds a BA degree from the University of Sierra Leone, and presently reads for his Law Degree. In addition, Mahmoud just came back from the International Visitor Leadership Program, an opportunity given to him by the US State Department that has helped to reignite his passion and love for Entrepreneurship for young people.

As the team leader of the Innovate Salone Program, he believes for Sierra Leone to achieve exponential growth, her young and vibrant population must be empowered to own their lives by not only paying leap service to leadership, but they must be trained and encouraged to learn the art of leadership by allowing to lead when they are young.

Most importantly. Mahmoud believe in science as the bedrock and foundation for progress. Therefore, he is not only leading a mass drive to have more young people believe in the power of Science, he has however made it an utmost priority to see more girls leading the way through his catch them young project, a project that supports young girls in STEM related learning.

Fatmata Bintu Barrie

Fatmata Bintu Barrie is a recent graduate from high school, Annie Walsh Memorial School Freetown, a prestigious learning institution in Sierra Leone for teenage girls.

Her love for Innovation and grass root community leadership connected her with Innovate Salone where she participated in her first Innovation Challenge in 2015. She was not among the finalists for that year, however, her love for grass root community gave the Innovate Salone program reason to believe in her quest for Development.

In 2016, she was one of 11 finalists in the Innovation Challenge through her prototype water purification model, a project that went on to win the Best Female project for that year. Since then, her name has been an example of young minds ready to liberate the minds of their compatriots using Innovation.

She is not only a passionate problem solver, she is also a great scientist to watch for sierra Leone as she is being recently named one of the ten girls to watch as sierra Leone moves towards being an innovation nation.

Daniel Melrick Williams

He is graduate from Sierra Leone Grammar School. He is a self taught software developer. Presently, he is on a project to develop a language app that would help foreigners coming to Sierra Leone to understand the lingua franca without resorting to the problem of finding an interpreter.

Daniel is an interesting guy with high dreams for the future. He speaks passionately about the need to have young people rely on opportunities online to develop their creative potential. His fun name is ‘the guy behind the machine’, a name that he got because of his love for computer. He believe in self learning and he is of those trying to reinvent the school system to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Brian Sankoh

Brian Sankoh is a 19-year-old high school graduate of Saint Edwards Secondary School, an all boys school in Freetown. He is a finalist of the Innovation Challenge of 2015 and 2016 and a winner of the 2016 competition.

He built a mini hydro electric generator to power small capacity and appliances in his community, and also a great guy in building stuffs around internet of things as evident recently by his recent innovation of an automatic call device which allows one to turn on and off household electrical appliances using GSM communication-mobile phone and distance not being a challenge.

Samuel Elba

Samuel Elba is a 17-year-old high school graduate from the Prince of Wales Secondary School, Freetown and a finalist of the 2016 Innovation Competition.

His passion and love for technology and electronics had helped him to build a free energy generator with 220 volt. This device can power houses with electricity a prototype that elevated him to win the UNDP social innovation competition in 2016.

Today, like most of the young students on the Innovate Salone program, they have built a unique brand around Sierra Leone got exceptional talents of young minds.