Team Slovenia 2017

The team Slovenia is an example of cooperation between Zavod 404 and the Upper Secondary School Vegova Ljubljana. The mentors are Rok Capuder (Physics), Aleš Volčini (Informatics) and Vida Vidmar (English). The team members are: Mark Breznik, Gašper Hribar, David Kraševec, Luka Maček, Jernej Macarol Možina, all students of the specialised (technical) high school.

The School is located at the centre of our capital city Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since it has a technical tradition going back more than 150 years we are more than keen on cooperating in such a competition as the Firs​​t Global is. Vegova Ljubljana is a preparatory school for students who want to pursue a career in electrical or computer engineering at any level (academic or non-academic) of the university studies. The support of Zavod 404 gives students possibilities to work with mentors and resources for any possible research.