Team South America 2017

We are team South America and we are proud to represent so many cultures, countries and people. Being from Perú helps us to understand how enriched we are by the diversity we have and gives us a unique way to see the world.

The team combines the skills of 6 students of Innova Schools, one of the 13 innovator schools around the world. We were friends since the first year studying together and despite the fact we didn’t know about robotics when we started, we created a robot that will be part of this competition.

  • Diego brings the motivation and those funny moments we all need to bear our long sessions.
  • Emerson and Karol, the masters of knowledge. They learn faster than anyone and usually bring new ideas.
  • Giancarlo, the code guy. He now knows robot coding better than he knows himself!
  • Alvaro, brings the decisiveness to the team, he and technology are like one.
  • Nicole, the team captain, gives us the energy and the grit to continue.

We work twice a week at school and every Saturday we have Lefo’s ( Luis Flores) guidance to help us keep improving the robot. He is an electronic engineer and Cofounder & CEO at Jellyfish Biorobotics. He was recognised as Top innovator under 35 by MIT Technology Review in 2016.

 We are really excited and honored to be part of FIRST Global because this way we can show the other teams that we can compete among them despite having less experience and time doing this. Traveling to Washington gives us an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and exchange knowledge and culture with others.