Team Sweden 2017

Team Sweden is made up of nine students from six different schools all around Stockholm, Sweden. Our participants are Victor, Christina, Gustaf, Sophia, Daniel, Mareme, Hugo, Ebba and Axel, with mentor Nina. The team was selected based on their engagement in a training program to become future leaders and teach and introduce younger students to technology, robot making and programming. Every participant has taken part in extra curricular technology courses prior to being selected, they all wish to continue to learn as well as to spread their knowledge to others.
We have had meetups on Sunday mornings since early April, and also made two study visits to the technical university in Stockholm – The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) to learn as much as we possibly can while also growing and coming together as a team. The team members have solved all of the challenges with little interference by their mentor. The biggest challenge has been that not until the very end on May did we get a control hub which is working, but we are at good spirit working hard to get ready and super excited to meet all of the other teams in July!