Team Ukraine 2017

The team is long-term fan and participant of robot creation and challenges. We are inspired by doing inventive and useful things with robots, being on the today’s edge of technologies.

Knowledge and experience we get from robotics significantly improve our ability for the future challenges. It works as for our study in school so for our future learning in universities and businesses or society. This is extremely important in today’s fight of the Ukraine for its independence.

For years, the Ukraine is famous for its engineering talents. It’s all starting in schools where Math, and now Programming, are well-delivered subjects. Then universities with well-known Kiev Polytechnic Institute develop talents for tech industries.

There is Aerospace from Sikorsky who started his career 100 years ago in KPI to Antonov huge aircrafts. There is also Software industry started in 40’ last century in Kiev as cradle of Soviet software to the mass startup/outsourcing industry today.

We want to take active part in the new robotic challenge for gaining more experience, presenting the best we can. Very special mission we see in demonstrating to students in the Ukraine and all over the world that there are no limits in your aspirations and opportunities in today’s world.

Dream & act!


Inha: I’m 16 years old. This year I finished 11th grade and plan to apply for mathematical methods of cryptography. When I found out that the selection of the team for participation in the Fars Global Challenge was going to take place, I immediately wanted to participate. I passed the selection and became a member of the team.

It is always interesting to learn something new and preparing for the Olympics is no exception. It is interesting to find new ways to solve at first sight a trivial task, but it is extremely necessary. Most of all I’m waiting for the Olympics thanks to the opening opportunity of new acquaintances and communication with people who are also interested in this field. Now the technologies are not standing still and are developing at a very high speed and now one of the most important is the creation of intelligent programs. In my opinion, it’s best to use it together with robots and then you can get incredible results. I do not see the point in thinking about the future, because I want to create and create right now, and then come what may.

Igor: I’m just cheerful guy from Ukraine. This is a country, where you can find many kind and joyful people. I was born in Kyiv – capital of Ukraine, and live there to this day.

Since 2015 I have been studying in high school – Polytechnic lyceum of national technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, now in the 11th form. And here I met people who inspired me to study programming and hardware. They have convinced me that technological progress can change the world for the better and I can participate in it. Firstly, I started to learn robotics in order to change my lifestyle. With robots I can make my daily routine easier. Maybe in the future, my development will help people with disabilities.

I participate in the First Global Challenge not only to develop my developer skills, but also I want  to meet and communicate with other participants from other countries, who are charged with the same idea “Change our world in better way”

Michael (Mykhailo) Koreshkov: funny programmer from Ukraine, great country with breathtaking rural landscapes and modern urban cities. I was born and now live in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Since 2015 I have been studying in high school – Polytechnic lyceum of national technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, now in the 11th form. In my first decade of life I was introduced to the computer programming. Now I am skilled in Android, server-side, desktop and hardware programming.

The most significant reason I am participating in First Global is opportunity to get a lot of experience and eventually create something not only for learning purposes, but for real-life goals. Also this competition can help me to find numerous new connections with interesting people from all over the world. During First Global competition I am going to improve my skills in engineering, hardware design, teamwork and social abilities.