Team Venezuela 2017

We are the team from Venezuela from one of the most wonderful of countries.  We are known known for some of the most attractive of climates with people who are gracious with everyone. When we talk about opportunities and being strong, we are talking about both Venezuelans here at home and those who are around the world.

The team is made up of two students of the last year of the undergraduate degree in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering of the Universidad Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin of Maracaibo in Zulia state. Mr. Kenny Urdaneta and Mr. Javier Carroz. These two boys are the mentors of 9 high school boys with the highest GPA of a local school, called Colegio Ruben Suarez Valera, 3 of these kids, will travel with their mentors to Washington D.C in July.

In spite of the difficulties that the country faces at the moment, this group of students has done the impossible to take their national flag beyond the borders and represent Venezuela in this competition.

His mentors: Kenny Urdaneta Matos, a student of the 11th semester of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering says: “Our commitment goes beyond winning, this is a message for all Venezuelans who have left the country looking for better opportunities, and thus demonstrate that in Venezuela still has talent, we are a land of struggling people and we do not give up so easy, because we are the future.”

Javier Carroz Marmol, student of the 10th semester of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications says: “In our country we need this kind of programs, so that future generations can see that problems can be solved and the country can be raised with much or little we have, we only need to have hope and creativity.”