Team Yemen 2017

Talented Youth Academy (TYA) was established in 2012under license No 57 of ministry of technical education and vocational training. We are specialized in exploring talented students in different fields.

TYA consists of six departments in different fields of skills that care gifted students. These six departments are:

  1. Department of educational robot.
  2. Department of creativeness and inventions.
  3. Department of Mathematics.
  4. Department of plastic arts.
  5. Department of evaluation
  6. Department of building abilities.

Department of educational robot: This department aims to spreading robot culture in Yemen , as we are the sole representative of both the world Robot Olympiads (WRO) and the Arab Robotics association (ARA) in Yemen. It consists of clubs that participated in many local and regional Olympiads and conferences and achieved many advanced positions. Now we are aiming to international participations.