Team Algeria 2018

After undertaking an intensive training in virtual robotics and programming at the Algiers STEAM Center, ten students are finally selected to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge 2018 and represent Algeria in the long-waited competitions in Mexico City.

Our love for technology, engineering and science gathered us under the goal of solving real-world problems using art and technology. We are passionate, hardworking, motivated and ambitious students. Mehdi, 18 years old, Farah, 17, Lokman, 16, Lydia, 18, Yousri, 18, Houssem, 16, Wahab, 16, Soumia, 16, Maxene, 16, and Arslane, 16 years old, will be working together to build the robot that will travel over the atlantic for one common goal of enthusing the youth of the world with STEM passion. We come from different corners of Algeria and take pride in our diversity.

We feel so motivated and determined to do great things this year, with the support and the experience we are having from our friends who participated last year. We look forward to meeting other students from different countries, and to exchanging cultures, ideas and solutions for a better world and a better tomorrow.

We believe the FIRST Global Challenge is an amazing opportunity and a cultural portal for us, not only to show the world what potential the Algerian youth hold, but also to be part of a global community of young leaders coming from all over the world. We have been inspired and we are inspiring the Algerian Youth to pursue their STEM passion and to aim for changing the world.

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