Team Bulgaria 2018

Our team consists of five high-school students, aged 16-17, of which most have been involved with robotics since the fourth grade. Being robotics enthusiasts from a very small age, each one of us has developed his/her own STEM related passions, the most notable of which are neuroscience, 3D design, microelectronics and electrical engineering, physics and astronomy, and aeronautics and aviation.

The team’s history dates back to 6 years ago, when the school of robotics Robopartans chose four of its 10-11 year-old students to make up a rookie team for the FIRST LEGO League competition in Bulgaria. Despite this being our first robotics competition, we achieved some pretty impressive feats, and as a result Robopartans decided to let us compete in the next two FLLs. Over the next two years members were annexed and removed from the team, but we always remained. 4 years after the last FLL was held in Bulgaria, our school of robotics received an invitation to assemble a team to represent Bulgaria at the inaugural FIRST Global Challenge, and decided that we would make the best team for the competition. The experiences and mistakes we made during the three years participation in the FLLs were of tremendous help to us, as our robot received a nomination for innovation and scored tie breaking points on numerous occasions during FGC 2017. Just one month later, Robopartans announced to us that we would again represent Bulgaria at another competition – Robotex 2017, in Estonia. Again, experience proved itself invaluable, as we made it into the top 5th percentile in multiple categories.

The hands-on experience in engineering and programming that we have amassed through participating in these competitions has had great influence on us and is with no doubt responsible for guiding us towards STEM related career paths.

We are looking forward to participating the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge, and to spread word of the competition here in Bulgaria!