Team Cameroon 2018

Team LoGibots of Cameroon is made up of five members. They attend the same school, the Tassah Academy, and all belong to STEM clubs. They are all passionate about technology and hope to use their skills to change the narrative for their country.

Kuate Kamga Brayan Armel, Programmer
Kuate is a form 5 student in Tassah Comprehensive Secondary School in Yaoundé, Cameroon. He is passionate about technology and likes building things. He started developing interest for robots since the age 12 by exploring his toys and building moving objects during play. He got inspired by Bill Gate’s achievements, then learned how to program and write code and later developed interest in robotics and presently programs Arduino run robots.  He finds it very important because it enables him to build controllable machines which can help solve basic African challenges. He intends to be a computer Engineer in future to help his society by building robots which could be useful in solving every day challenges. This is because his community is lagging behind as far as technology is concerned and many problems remain unresolved because they rely on human capacity only.

His favorite hobby is football. He also likes reading novels, playing educational games like scrabble and singing during his free time. Kuate’s favorite subject is mathematics. He is a Silver and Bronze recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. He likes group work because tasks to be performed are done faster and the quality of work done is good when working as a team. He believes that one hand cannot tie a bundle and this is one of the reasons why he is the team captain.

Nguefo Kowo Kamille Xaviera, Speaker
Kamille is a form 5 student in Tassah Comprehensive Secondary School in Yaoundé, Cameroon. She became interested in robotics because she was fascinated by the precision with which robots acted.  This made her imagine the many unsolved and precision free problems can be solved by robots.  She had the passion to learn fascinating devices and that’s how she found herself joining a STEM club in her school that later selected her to join the team LOGIBOTS that may be representing Cameroon at the First Global 2018 in Mexico. The world is getting more and more computerized and this is already true for industrialized countries. As a Cameroonian living in a developing country, she unfortunately sees industrialization a far-off dream. Through robotics, she believes that she can make a step forward for her country and why not, for her continent. Her role model is her team Manager.

During her spare time, she programs. She built a game called E and U meaning Environment and You. The idea behind the game is to sensitize people, both the young and old about their environment and how their activities had an effect on the planet as a whole. She intends to upload it on GitHub in order to make it open source for other developers worldwide to contribute. In addition to regularly being among the top ten (10) in her class, the unique thing about Kamille is that, she is outspoken fun to be with and a good team player. She is an active member in the STEM club and took part in many activities such as “Village Android”, Girls in Tech, Girls in ICT Day and many more. She is a recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze and Silver Medals. She has come in contact with a diverse range of influential people in her country through her work in promoting STEM education for girls.  

Momo Itembe Durel Junior, Builder
Momo is a Form four student in Tassah Comprehensive Secondary School in Yaoundé, Cameroon. He is passionate about technology and likes dismantling his toys to actually understand how they function. He became so interested in robotics after he opened his toy car and was surprised by the way the different components were put together for the car to function. He is a young Cameroonian with the hope of becoming a computer engineer in order help solve problems using robotics and artificial intelligence. That is why he was chosen as a candidate of the FIRST GLOBAL CHALLENGE. His hobbies are playing video games and carrying out research in sciences. His favorite subjects are computer Science and Mathematics. 

In addition, he has mounted and programmed some smart cars using Arduinos. In order to acquire more skills, he has been fully engaged teaching himself how to program. He is a Bronze and Silver medal recipient of the Duke of Edinburg’s International Award. What is unique about Momo is that he is open to exchanging ideas with peers and learns better while sharing.

Tanwie Bruno Adey, Driver 
BRUNO is a form five student in Tassah Comprehensive Secondary school in Yaoundé, Cameroon. He likes programming and will like to become a computer programmer in future. Apart from programing, he is also interested in robotics. He developed this interest at the age of 10 when he started watching videos on internet about robots. This made him to start buying toys and experimenting on them to understand how they worked, so as to be able to mount and program his own robots. What wakens his interest in robotics is the idea of  programming the robot to perform particular tasks. He is young and ready to continue programming so as to be able to program robots that will solve local problems in the society. His hobbies are playing soccer, basketball, and video games and learning how to design and program games. 

His favorite subject is physics and he is a recipient of silver and bronze medal from the Duke of Edinburgh’s   International Award Cameroon. He is also very inquisitive in learning new things especially about technology.

Nehnsoh Tessa Atanga, Builder 
Tessa is a lower sixth student in TASSAH Academic Comprehensive College Yaoundé, Cameroon. She loves creating new things. She is simply inquisitive about new happenings. She developed new interest in robotics after she attended a program where 3D robotic arms were printed for disabled persons. Her hopes for the future is becoming an IT Engineer. She wants to be able to design and program robots that will help in agriculture, since she is from an area where agriculture is the main source of livelihood. 

Her hobbies are singing, reading, and technology-based research, and her favorite subject is ICT. She is curious to know how robots function and the various tasks robots are able to perform. She does research, watches tutorials, and practice so as to improve on her skills to be able to build robots of her own. Also, she is a team player and open to learning new skills. Tessa is a recipient of a bronze and silver medal from the Duke of Edinburg’s International Award, Cameroon.