Team Croatia 2018

Croatian team consists of one girl (Nika) and two boys (Leon and Matej). They are students of different high schools which specialize in mechanics, electronics, programming and mathematics. All of them are members of Robotics-informatics club Kriz and Croatian robotic association. Mentors of the team are Ana (professor at University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing) and Boris (work with Croatian energy company).

Matej: Hello, I’m Matej from Croatia. I like doing robotics because it keeps my mind occupied with endless problems and endless solutions to each problem and thus testing my creativity with something new every day.

Nika: Hi, my name is Nika and I am from Croatia. I like to compose thing and design them. I’m excited about FIRST Global Challenge because I’ll meet new people and see how other teams solve the problem. Mexico will sure be one of my greatest experience.

Leon: Hi, I’m Leon from Croatia. I like robotics because it challenges me with many different problems that I enjoy solving.

Renewable energy sources in Croatia are at around 10% of consumption and are slowly developing. Most of the power plants are biomass plants. The negative consequences of this is the massive disappearance of the forests.

Interesting fact: the fastest electric car in the world is developed and produced in Croatia!