Team Equatorial Guinea 2018

We are an island in central Africa, a country with diverse tribes and nationalities. The country as a Spanish colony and speaks Spanish. The country is blessed with so many natural resources like gold, diamonds, natural gas and petroleum. We are an emerging country with a focus in Education. It is a place to visit, we call her a Spanish flower.

Master Mboko Arthur is a science student of Nigeria Equatorial Guinea international school. He is looking forward to know how STEM will be a tool to generate clean water and sustainable energy. He loves playing football.

Boeing Constancia Mangue is presently schooling in Nigeria Equatorial Guinea international school. Her love for science and inquisitiveness has made her look for a career in this area, her primary goal is to acquire more skills and knowledge about robots. She loves reading, writing and solving riddles.

Daniel Oblong Nguema is a student of Intel Rey Malabo School. He has a goal to become the youngest and first robotic engineer in Equatorial Guinea. He loves reading and footballing.

Energy Situation

Energy is vital for meaningful development of a Nation, the government of Equatorial Guinea has channelled resources in this area in order to attract investors.