Team Jamaica 2018

“Likkle But Talawa”, is a phrase used in Jamaica to describe something that is small but has the potential to make a huge difference. The FIRST Global Challenge is a competition that denotes the definition of this phrase, allowing young persons all across the world to come together, reducing barriers and solving world problems, eventually creating a better world using robotics. Team Jamaica is very excited to be a part of this competition.

The Jamaican Team consists of 5 students from 4 rival schools. These schools include Immaculate Conception High, Calabar High, Jamaica College and Kingston College. This diverse team of young men and women come together to form a strong team, sharing and helping each other in STEM and robotics. This also gives us the potential to spread robotics all over Jamaica, creating more problem solvers and nation builders.

Justin Richards (Captain and Programmer)
My name is Justin Richards and I’m the captain of the 2018 FIRST Global Jamaican team. I am elated to be a part of the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge. What I hope to achieve from this competition is a greater level of exposure to new and different ideas, customs, and cultures. I am very grateful to FGC for opening the gates for these opportunities. I started getting involved in robotics from the club at my school and have been intrigued about how a robot could solve problems humans could ordinarily not solve. My favorite subject in school is physics and my goal is to become a biomedical engineer. Student at Calabar High.

Myles Johnson (Spokesperson and Engineer)
Hello, my name is Myles Johnson and I’m 17 years old. I’ve known about robotics since I was 11 years old but I took it upon myself to become really involved at 16 years of age. I’ve participated in FTC so far, and I’m glad I get another robotics experience with FGC. I want to become an architect when I’m older and maybe get into E-Sports a little because I love playing video games. My favorite part of robotics is seeing a finished robot work as intended after all the work it took to build it. Student at Jamaica College.

Dujon Goulbourne (Driver and Programmer)
My name is Dujon Goulbourne. I am 18 years of age. This is my first time being a part of a FIRST Global team to represent my country and I am truly honored. I love to play games and later on in life, I would like to make my own. What I like about being apart of the FIRST Global team is the programming aspect. Most people might say programming is boring, but I say it’s fun because with it you can manipulate any part of the robot you can think of. Lastly, coming to Mexico I hope I have a blast there and have a great time meeting new people from different countries. Student at Kingston College.

Nassecia McBean (Vice Captain and Programmer)
My name is Nassecia and I am 17 years of age. I was introduced to robotics at the age of 13 through a club held at my school. My interest, however, grew as a result of learning the subject of information technology and the discovery of AI and the astonishingly fascinating technological advancements in the past as well as recent years. Math and computer science are my favorite subjects. I love finding out and learning how things came about and how they work. I also enjoy swimming, playing the trumpet, badminton, and tennis along with playing video games. I hope to study aerospace engineering or computer science at university. No words can completely describe how I feel being a part of this team and representing my country in a global competition. What I really enjoy most about robotics is seeing the simple ideas gradually evolve into something truly amazing. Student at Immaculate Conception.

Daniel Palmer (Driver and Engineer)
My name is Daniel Palmer and I am 16 years of age. I am the youngest member on the team, however very proficient in the area of engineering and also being a team player. I have a melancholic spirit that plays as a great adhesive for the team, as there is never a dull moment. I am also a person of precision and determination, which has made me very compatible with driving the robot. I have great leadership skills and I am also a problem solver; these attributes, I believe, will be beneficial as I aspire to become an engineer. I am very excited to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge meeting other persons and learning more about robotics. Student at Jamaica College.

Coaches and Mentors
In guiding these young persons in STEM and robotics are:
Gavin Samuels – Programme Manager
Paul Pounall – Lead Technical Coach
Phillip Llewellyn – Software Coach
Deana Flanigan – Chaperone