Team Moldova 2018

We met each other at some technical events that were related to engineering and robotics, like FIRST LEGO League, Maker Faire, Arduino Day, Rube Goldberg competition. This common passion determined us to create a team that could compete at FIRST Global Challenge, because we see it as a new step towards developing new skills in helping our community to solve global problems.

Energy Situation

Since the Republic of Moldova does not have its own fossil fuel reserves, except for the insignificant quantities of gas, oil and lignite in the southern part of the republic, it is totally dependent on external energy resources. Hydroelectric plants in Dubăsari and Costeşti produce no more than one percent of the country’s electricity consumption. So 100% of natural gas and 80% of electricity is being imported from other countries, this issue makes our country energetical dependent.

The most important source in our country is biomass, the most viable and affordable renewable energy source in the Republic of Moldova. It could provide annually about 22% of the total energy resources needed in the country.