Team Morocco 2018

The Moroccan team is delighted to participate for the first time in the FIRST Global Challenge. Our team consists of 16-year-old high school students: four girls (Chaima, Imane, Intissar and Nour Elhouda) and 1 boy (Amine), They are full of motivation and enthusiasm and proud to represent Moroccan innovation on the world stage.

We look forward to meeting a large number of teams from around the world with whom we will improve our skills and build bridges of understanding and friendship for the good of humanity. 

When we return to our country, we will volunteer to share the know-how and transmit all the scientific and technical skills that we acquire during the competition to all the motivated students of our engineering club “the orange trees” and in our country through various workshops and events organized by the DAAM Young Inventors Association (ADJI) and other national organizers. 

Team Media