Team Myanmar 2018

Pan Ingyin
Pan Ingyin is the 1st year student at the University of Information Technology, Yangon. She would like to become the Artificial Intelligence scientist when she grows up. She has been very interested in robotics in hope to support for convenience of daily human life and increase people’s standards of living. As a child, she always got scolded at home for playing with electronics by pulling apart and rebuilding them, but has maintained it as a hobby. Her father is her all time role model and a personal hero. His childhood dream was to become an electronics engineer but because of many reasons he became doctor. Despite being a doctor, he never give up his love on IT. She credits her love for IT and electronics to her father, and takes pride in being a part of Team Myanmar.

Phyo Pyae Moe Aung
Phyo Pyae Moe Aung is a second year mechatronic student from Yangon Technology University. He is interested in robotics because it includes all of his favorite fields such as Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics and Programming. He says one day he wants to be an expert programmer and make Myanmar proud. His hobbies are coding and learning about programming from internet and online courses. His favorite subjects are especially Maths and Programming, because it requires him to think logically and make good decisions in a short time.

Thuta Zaw
Thuta Zaw is a 2nd year student from Yangon Technological University. His favourite subject is Physics. His passion for robotics grew from his love for machines, and building combat robots. However, when he has some spare time, he likes to go out with his camera and shoot landscape photography. His dream is to become a CEO of a tech company, and his personal hero is Elon Musk, the CEO of Space X.

Thiri Wah Wah Thein
Thiri is a second year student from University of Information Technology. She is interested in Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems. Actually, she never dreamed of becoming an IT student, but rather an engineer. However, due to the current education system in Myanmar, she had to decided to follow the field of IT, and has been really enjoying it since. She is also fond of learning foreign languages like Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. In her spare time, she enjoys playing badminton or basketball. Her personal heroes are her parents because they have always supported her and given her guidance in every turn of her life. She always participates in school activities to improve her leadership skills and volunteer experience.

Tin Myint Kyaw
Tin Myint Kyaw is a student currently preparing for ACT. He is a self-taught maker and an open-source enthusiast. He is passionate about electronics, programming, computers, and of course, gaming. He can be found either busy with a soldering iron taking things apart to see how they work, or staring at the computer screen programming or playing his favorite game. He always wanted to work in the field he is very passionate about – computer science, as he was fascinated by computers from a very young age.

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