Team Romania 2018

We are Andrei, Cristian, Andrei, Darius, Răzvan and Radu and together with our mentors, Mircea and Cristian, we are both honored and excited to represent Romania at this year FGC in Mexico City!

We are a team of teenagers from the heart of the famous Transylvania, brought together by our great passion for science and technology and also by our goal of making the whole world a better place by using this passion. We see the amazing opportunity of FGC as an occasion for learning a lot of new things about hardware, software and also about the other nations and their cultural diversity.

Our journey to Mexico is giving us the chance of meeting new peoples and making a lot of new friends that share our passion for robots. We also want to have a good performance and to use our result at this competition as a source of inspiration for our community!

Team Media