Team United Kingdom 2018

Team UK is a group of 7 students brought together because of our participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition, and our shared interest in engineering. We love connecting and collaborating with teams who share the same passion for robots as us. Through our combined love for strategizing, planning and building, we aim to not only make a robot, but to create a pathway into STEM for students like ourselves.

We are a group of international students who have come from across the world and now call London our home. We hope to bring our spirit and passion for STEM to the competition, and to learn from the diverse perspectives present at the competition.

Our team members, Dom Alberts, Omar Ben-Gacem, Zarina Choudhari-Stewart, Connor Eaton, Patrick Jordan, Mackensie Kim and Ashleigh Rudesill, are dedicated to working hard and helping as much as we can through FIRST Global. We are all incredibly excited to be representing our country in this year’s FIRST Global Challenge. See you in Mexico!

Team Media