Team Yemen 2018

Hello! We are the team from Yemen and we are pleased to participate this year in this global scientific forum, which is hosted in the country of Mexico to show the world the capabilities and skills of our students, share knowledge and information with our friends around the world, and be the best representatives of our dear country. Our country has a great history and has many scientists and thinkers who have fingerprints throughout history.

Our team consists of three members, all of us are studying at the secondary level and in different schools. However, we live in the same city and meet daily after school, leisure and on public holidays in the academy to practice our favorite hobby of designing and programming robots and their various applications and the integration of science (STEM). We are ready to compete in this global competition and to put our homeland Yemen in the ranks of developed countries scientifically and technologically despite the difficult circumstances we experience.

We salute all our friends around the world and we are very happy to meet them in Mexico City to share science and knowledge with them despite the different cultures and dialects. Our passion for science, knowledge, love and peace brings us together, however.

Hamza Fouad (Captain)
My name is Hamzah. I am studying in grade (11th). I started studying robotics 3 years ago and I liked this field because it simplifies the scientific aspects of theory in a practical and interesting way. I participated in many local and Arab continent tournaments. My latest participation was in The Arab Robots Championship in Egypt – March 2018 in which I achieved Teamwork Award with my team. I love intelligence games and I am interested in the virtual social media to build relationships with friends from all over the world. What I like about robots is the great challenge in finding creative solutions to problems and I look forward to representing my homeland Yemen in FGC2018 in a best way.

Omar Salem (Programmer)
My name is Omar, but my friends call me Ammouri. I study in grade 12. I was interested in the robotics when I was 13 years old and found all what I want in it …… I love programming and I plan to study robotics in the future. I have participated in many local and Arab tournaments and have achieved many awards and medals with my colleagues. I have many participations in volunteering works. I love football and making friends through virtual social media. I look forward to raising the name and flag of my homeland, Yemen, in FGC2018 high.

Ahmed Khaled (designer)
My name is Ahmed. I study in grade 12. I have been interested in the robotics since I was young. I joined NXT course at the Academy on summer vacation. After that, my love for robotics was born. I have been visiting the academy every now and then until I became a member of the robotics club at the academy. I also liked the programming since I was young and I am planning to study architecture in the future. I also like robotics because it connects sciences together in an interesting and enjoyable way. I participated in many local and Arab tournaments such as FGC2017 in Washington.  I look forward to representing my country in the second edition of FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico 2018. I’d like to meet new friends there this year.

Salem Ali (mentor)
I am Salem Ali, the team mentor. I am 38 years old. I studied computer engineering and worked in robotics for 10 years. At first I worked as an instructor for the robot club at the academy. I trained many people, then I was appointed as the head of robotics department. I was also chosen to be the representative of Yemen in the Arab and International Robotics Championships. I participated in many Arab conferences dealing with robotics and artificial intelligence. I volunteered in the judging committees for 4 times in the FLL championship through which I have gained a lot of experience. I supervised the Yemeni team participating in FGC2017 in Washington. I look forward to representing Yemen with my students in my team in Mexico.

I hope that our participation in FGC2018 is more than just competition and that we can show the abilities and creativity of our guys … See you in Mexico!