El FIRST Global ‘Global STEM Corps’ (GSC) is FIRST Global’s 21st century answer to a world in need of an inspired generation of young adults who are ready to tackle global challenges. Qualified GSC volunteers are part of an Advisor Team that mentors a FIRST Global national team as they build their robot. By working with students around the world through this process, GSC volunteers help FIRST Global competitors attain all they are capable of and inspire them to pursue fulfilling, exciting, and rewarding lives through STEM. The GSC brings the universal elements of science, cooperation, and competition to the world stage.


mentored through the GSC since 2017.


built through GSC support since 2017.


The GSC’s mission is to equip, train, mentor, and inspire hundreds of students participating in the FIRST Global Challenge each year. Volunteer Advisor Teams are paired with students in different regions around the world where young adults rarely have access to the levels of funding that are necessary to pursue serious STEM education. GSC Advisor Teams use their knowledge and excitement for STEM to not just increase opportunities for FIRST Global participants, but to inspire them to become the next generation of Albert Einsteins, Mae Jemisons, and Stephen Hawkings.

En las últimas décadas, las naciones con ingresos más altos han logrado avances e inversiones importantes en la educación STEM, lo que ha llevado a muchos de los descubrimientos más importantes de la era moderna, desde procesadores de alta velocidad y motores híbridos hasta prótesis avanzadas y drones miniaturizados. Desafortunadamente, dado que no se están realizando inversiones similares en naciones menos afortunadas económicamente, cientos de millones de estudiantes en los países donde más se necesita la educación STEM se están quedando atrás, y seguirán haciéndolo a menos que aquellos con el conocimiento y el impulso para hacer un cambio paso a ayudar.


Since the inaugural 2017 FIRST Global Challenge, a combined total of 196 participating FIRST Global teams have been assisted by 158 Advisor Teams. Well over 1,000 students, mentors, and individuals have dedicated their time to ensuring every participating FIRST Global team receives the help they need each year in order to successfully build a competition-ready robot.


Volunteers are tasked with virtually mentoring FIRST Global teams. This is through an Advisor Team, where a group of volunteers adopts a country and works with them on a weekly basis to help them prepare for the FIRST Global Challenge. Most teams work together at least once a week through Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or other instant messaging services. Advisor Teams are not required to visit the country or purchase an official FIRST Global robotics kit, although teams interested can do so through REV Robotics. Your role as an Advisor Team is to guide your assigned team in the robot build process, but not build the robot for them!

Advisor Teams range from entire FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) y FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams, to university students and engineering departments, to groups of professional engineers. These volunteers balance their busy schedules, time differences, and technological challenges to inspire FIRST Global teams by providing them with mechanical, electrical, and programming help, as well as strategic advice.


While requests to work with a specific team are taken into consideration, the overall need of a team is placed above this. Some participating FIRST Global teams do not need assistance, especially if they are an existing robotics team or have other experience building robots. The teams that participate in the GSC often have little or no experience. Language skills are also a main component of who an Advisor Team is assigned to. We especially encourage teams that are fluent in Spanish, French, Arabic, and Portuguese to apply!

If your team is interested in being part of the official program, all requests to work with a team need to come through FIRST Global. Please do not reach out to a team on your own as you (and the team) will not be considered part of the official Global STEM Corps.

“I would have to say this is one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life. These kids are some of the brightest, most appreciative, and gracious human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The FIRST Global experience has given these kids a sense of self worth that would be hard to produce in any other way. You are changing lives!”


—Alan, Mentor of GSC Advisor Team to Team Honduras


The Global STEM Corps needs people like YOU to help build the most successful, technologically-capable generation to date. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can create a better world for everyone.


GSC Advisor Teams are asked to make themselves available to the team(s) they adopt for several hours at least once a week, with the time spent mentoring students spread throughout the week or on a specific day each week. Generally, teams have a video call and then exchange messages throughout the week. A weekly report on how the team is progressing is also required.



  • Debe ser fluido en inglés.
  • Debe tener acceso a una computadora y servicio de internet confiable.
  • Debe estar disponible por un mínimo de seis horas por semana (cuanto más, mejor).
  • Debe comprometerse a ser un mentor hasta el final del período de desarrollo.
  • Debe tener experiencia con o pasión por la robótica, la ingeniería, la programación o la electrónica.
  • Una pasión por la difusión del conocimiento y la conexión con personas de todo el mundo.
  • Foreign language skills are a plus, but not required.



  • Experiencia en ingeniería mecánica básica (particularmente con sistemas de montaje de kits robóticos).
  • Proficiency in programming with Java (particularly within Android Studios) or other image-based programming systems (such as Google Blockly).


Applications for the GSC will soon be open for the 2021 season. You can use éste formulario to sign-up to receive updates as they become available.


All questions about becoming a member of the GSC may be sent to gsc@first.global.