Albania at Robotics Olympics, passionate students build robot “Kastrioti 1” (Video)

Translated from Albanian.

From August 15 to August 18 in Mexico will host the “Olympics of Robotics”, with 160 participants, including Albania. Our country is represented by a group of passionate students who have built the robot “Kastrioti 1”.

Students, invited to the News 24 news studio, have talked about the difficulties of building this robot and have shown what they expect from this race in Mexico.

“We started from the month of May with the work, at first it was the quantity, we built the moving mechanism, worked with the collector and then with the arm that would catch the solar panels. 

With whom did you get the most problem? We had more problems with the engines, but the design was a challenge. The highest point is 60 cm, so it must have the specified size. So we built such a mechanism, at first it was 50 cm to 50 cm, and then expanded,” said Dea Rrozhani, one of the students who built the robot.

Megi Dauti, another student, told of the difficulties he faces in the development of the Olympics in Mexico: “The hardest part will be cooperation with other groups. We do not know them and I think this will be a problem.”

Kristi Leka, one of the fans of the passionate group, said: “The hardest part is to be there in Mexico, in the eyes of many people. Emotions can do their own. You have to win the round and for that you have to be more relaxed. “

In the group of 4 students who built the robot “Kastrioti 1” was Julianna Schneider. “We are competing in the FIRST Global Challenge,” said Julianna Schneider, a member of the Albanian team who confessed to the race and what this event represents in Albania. Julianna told about co-operation with the Kosovo team also participating in the Olympic Games taking place in Mexico. “In addition to the technical part, getting cubes I think it will be a bit difficult because it will be a great field where robots will play and there will be 6 robots and a lot of focus on the one that drives the robot to see everything.”

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