Argentine students compete in the Dubai Robotics World Cup

(Translated from Spanish)

The winning team of the Robotics Cup, organized by the Ministry of Education and Innovation of the City of Buenos Aires together with Educabot, a provider of educational technology solutions, will travel this week to the city of Dubai to compete in the World Robotics Championship, the FIRST Global Challenge . The team is made up of five students from different secondary institutions in the province of Misiones who attend the Robotics School, the first in Argentina, free and public.

The young people will arrive in Dubai with “Julito”, the robot they designed for the Robotics Cup, accompanied by their mentor and by Educabot executives. The Argentine delegation will also include members of the School of Robotics of Missions and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

«It is the third time that we have promoted Argentina’s participation in the World Cup and this year it has the peculiarity that the team was defined in a previous event to which all the provinces could be part; It was a great event where we replicated the same dynamics of the international instance, ”says Matías Scovotti, CEO and co-founder of Educabot, which in addition to co-organizing the Robotics Cup is the representative company of the FIRST Global Challenge in Argentina. “Since they won the Cup, we have been working together with the Misiones boys to improve the robot in terms of mechanics and strategy; and we have expectations that a good performance will be achieved in Dubai,” he adds.

The Robotics Cup was held from August 29 to 31 at the Mary Terán de Weiss Stadium in the City of Buenos Aires. Provincial teams competed with their robots, designed from the same robotics kit, putting into play creative and programming skills. The requirements were that they be composed of students between 14 and 18 years of age with a mentor with proven experience in robotics. The challenge consisted of a series of matches where the robots, run by the boys, scored quickly and efficiently.

Now the winning team is ready to compete alongside their peers from 200 other countries in the First Global Challenge. The event, which will take place in the Dubai City of the United Arab Emirates, from October 24 to 27, proposes that young people work on the theme of ocean sustainability ; with which, the playing field will simulate being an ocean and the robots will have the mission of collecting and removing the “pollutants”, symbolized by balls of different sizes.

In the 2018 edition of the World Cup, held in Mexico City, the Argentine team stood out in the 13th position of the competition and won the Safety Award.

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