Armath pupils will represent Armenia at the FIRST Global Robot Competition

Translated from Armenian.

The students of “Armath” engineering laboratories will represent Armenia at the First Global Robotics Competition in Mexico on August 16-18.

First Global is a global robot challenge, involving 14 to 18 year olds from around 160 countries. The aim of the competition is to unite the youth, to inspire them with their technology and innovation capabilities, to create platforms for creating global solutions and solutions to improve the quality of life.

This year, the focus of the tender is renewable energy tasks. There will be wind and heat stations, solar cell panel models in the competition. Team-managed robot must shift the wind turbine, transfer the solar panel from one point to the other point in which the team members must pick up and hang in the rings, which will result in the production of conditional electricity on the screen. In addition, there will also be conventional coal, which is to be installed in the mines section of the thermal stations.

Armenian team includes Vahagn Zargaryan (Artsvaberd), Lilit Khachikyan (Sisian), Nona Telunts (Goris) and team leader and participant Armen Yennokyan (Sisian, “Armatis”). It is noteworthy that the Armenian team obviously reflects the mission of “Armat” educational network, regional development of innovation and engineering knowledge.

Executive Director of the AE Karen Vardanyan notes that the students of “Armati” have accumulated excellent knowledge of robotics and can represent Armenia at the International Robotics Olympiad and win.

” We welcome this initiative of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises and we are glad that our gifted youngsters will represent Armenia at the First Global Robot Competition. Constantly introducing innovative technologies, Ameriabank attaches importance to the process of educating and developing the generation of technological progress and has joined this project with love. Participation in the international competition is a great opportunity for new knowledge and experience , “said Shavarsh Voskanyan, Head of IT and Automation Unit, Ameriabank .

Co-founder and CEO of Ucom Hayk Yesayan  highlighted the development of engineering thinking in the students of “Armmat” engineering laboratories, expanding their opportunities and bringing them to the international arena.

” The participation of the Armmatians in the First Global International Competition is important for international experience, relationships and competitiveness. And to Ucom this brings us closer to our strategic goal, to the generation of educated and demanded engineers . ”

The participation of the Armmatians in the First Global Robot Competition is important for international experience and competitiveness. It encourages youngsters and promotes them to engage in science and innovation. The contest participants will also be able to create international contacts.

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