Bahrain eyes robotic development of artificial reef in Arabian Gulf

Construction Week Online

Bahrain has expressed aspirations to build an underwater artificial reef in the Arabian Gulf using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics as part of its Ocean Opportunities theme at the Dubai Future Foundation event, the ‘FIRST Global Challenge’, held on 24-27 October at Festival Arena.

If approved, the artificial reef will be developed off the coast of Bahrain to find new habitats for marine life.

Representatives participating from Team Bahrain said at the event that “nothing was impossible” with ambitious ideas such as building an artificial reef.

Commenting on the initiative, Khalid Janahi from the Bahrain team said: “Artificial intelligence can be used to develop best-case scenarios, suggestions, and filter favourite sites to create an artificial reef, both in terms of the nature of the terrain, water temperature, or the movements of sea currents, to enhance the conditions for the prosperity of marine life in the water.”

Organised by the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), the FIRST Global Challenge allowed teams to represent their countries to leverage the applications of robotics and AI for issues affecting the environment.

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