Bangladeshi teens to participate in int’l robotics event


Since 2017, FIRST Global Challenge has been bringing together young bright minds from all over the world to foster a passion for STEM education

A Bangladeshi high school team will be participating in the FIRST Global Challenge, an international robotics event that is held every year with the objective to ignite passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education among youths worldwide.

The event will kick off on October 24, and will be held in the span of three days till October 27.

According to FIRST Global’s website, Team Bangladesh is comprised of the most experienced high school roboticists, who have been attending the Tech Academy for more than four years.

The Tech Academy is a social enterprise, based in Bangladesh, which teaches engineering, programming and mechatronics to children and teenagers. It has been active since 2013.

“In Dhaka, learning robotics at such a young age is not well-known, so these are some of the extraordinary teenagers you can find in the whole city, who qualify to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge,” the website says about Team Bangladesh.

“Not only are they technically sound, but they are also passionate individuals who have an immense amount of patriotism,” it said. “They care deeply about the country and its problems, and are eager to use their skills, knowledge and experience to make a contribution towards it.”

FIRST Global Challenge was established by the founder of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), as a US based not-for-profit public charity to provide the framework for an “Olympics”-style robotics challenge.

Every year, FIRST Global invites one team from every nation to participate in an international robotics event that builds bridges between high school students with different backgrounds, languages, religions, and customs.

The event has a different theme every year, based upon the greatest challenges the world is currently facing, in an effort to foster understanding and cooperation among the youth of the world as they use their abilities to solve the world’s problems.

Themed around providing access to clean water, the inaugural event in Washington, DC brought together 157 countries, while in 2018, 186 countries participated in the challenge themed around the impact of energy.

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