BBC Bangla: Bangladesh’s success in FIRST Global international robot olympiad

(Translated from Bangla)


Bangladesh tops the Olympics. What surprised you? That may not be possible at the Olympic Games, but Bangladesh has already shown that in the Robot Olympics.

The FIRST Global Challenge of organizing robotics. This time it has been arranged virtually due to the coronavirus.

And Bangladesh has taken part in it for the fourth time in a row. At the very beginning of this 3-month-long competition, Team Bangladesh topped the list of 174 countries.

Last year, finishing 8th was their best achievement. It is certain that they will surpass it this year.

Although the team’s current position is two and the competition is over, it will have to wait a few more days for the final result.

All the participants in this robotics competition are students of class IX to XII and are between 14 and 18 years of age.

And the reason for calling it like the Olympics is that almost all the countries of the world take part in it like the main games. And the format is a lot like the Olympics.

The goal of Team Bangladesh is to organize such competitions in their own country as well.