BD school-goers to compete world’s 1st Intl Robot Olympics in Washington

FIRST Global is launching the world’s first international robot Olympics for high school students in July in Washington DC, where 164 nations including teams from almost every nation in Asia will participate. ‘Team Bangladesh’, a 6-member group of high school students will represent Bangladesh with an aim to solve the global problems using robotics. The Bangladeshi participants include Labib Tazwar Rahman (Team Captain). Sujoy Mahmud, Azman Islam, Adrian Dip Mohanta, Shah Saqeef Imam and Laleh-naz Bergman Hossain.

Shams Jaber, the founder of The Tech Academy will be present there as team mentor and Shamsul Arefin Erfan will act as assistant team mentor.  The competition will begin from July 14 and continue to July 20 in Washington DC, USA. Feeling proud to represent their country in the global arena, the group of teenagers will wave the flag for ‘Team Bangladesh’ and see this competition as an opportunity to show the world that they have the knowledge and skills to become strong and able leaders of the global STEM community.

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