Cabo Verde participates in the second edition of the International Robotics competition “FIRST Global”

Translated from Portuguese.

City of Praia, 09 Aug (Inforpress) – The Industrial and Commercial School of Mindelo, São Vicente, will represent Cape Verde, from August 16 to 18, in Mexico City, Mexico, in the second edition of the International Robotics competition, called the “Firts Global Challenge” (FGC).

According to Inforpress, Cape Verdean team coordinator Deborah Vera-Cruz indicated that the group is made up of young people between the ages of 14 and 18, who have already completed the robotic kit sent by the organization, which will later be presented in the contest .

“Teams from each country receive a kit on the theme, this year is energy, and until the day of the competition they have to assemble a robot to present during the international robotics competition,” explained the coordinator.

According to a press release, the country will be represented by students a mentor and a coordinator, in an annual international robotics challenge that promotes the passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among the more than two billion young people around the world.

This event, which this year has as its theme “Energy Impact” aims, according to the same source, to impact the lives of these young people, enabling them to be part of the generation that will make the world a better place.

“Last year, in Washington DC, in the United States of America, the Cape Verde team performed well, which is why this year they have been able to get a scholarship again, as well as several local sponsorships,” he says. the statement.

Established as a non-profit public charity based in the USA, First Global invites a team from all nations to attend an international robotic event as a way to build bridges between high school students with different backgrounds, languages, religions and customs.

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