Milenio: Cervantes robotics team delivers hygiene supplies to schools in Mexico

(Translated from Spanish)

Education institutions still do not register their students’ attendance to avoid infections by SARS-CoV-2 , however, they are already preparing the hygiene materials necessary for returning to school. Given this, members of the Cervantes College robotics decided to collect material and donate it to schools in the region.

There are 36 students who make up the national team of the robotics team, recognition that they obtained this year for the second time, with the difference that they currently compete virtually. Among the activities to be carried out is social work, so on this occasion they decided to collect hygiene material that has already begun to be delivered to education schools.

Ricardo Salazar García, who was a member of the robotics team and is now a mentor, explains that so far 450 kilograms of hygiene supplies for schools have been collected, among which are thermometers, face masks, gloves and antibacterial gel, material that It was donated to two secondary schools: one in the San Agustín neighborhood and another in the San Joaquín neighborhood in Torreón.

This call to gather supplies continues open and hopes that we will have even more material, “the Laguna Yo Te Quiero association supported us in planning to locate the schools.”

Salazar García mentions that a second stage of the call is to make the project known to the companies so that they also join.

“Something similar to what we did with the masks, a project that people and companies joined, we hope that this time it will be the same and we will have more material that will be useful in educational institutions in the return to classes in a way face-to-face.”

Paulina Máynez, who is the leader of the communication area of ​​the robotics team, mentions that they have the opportunity to provide the community with knowledge of Science and Technology as well as social and educational support.

“I have always thought that if we all do our part we are going to achieve our goal, and that is what happens within the team, our activities are the result of which we are generating an impact on others.”

This project was part of the team’s work for one of the challenges in the 2020 FIRST Global Challenge.