Dubai to host the first ‘Largest Robotic Olympics’

Time Out Dubai

Ever wonder how robots would do in the Olympics? Dubai is getting ready to host the largest Olympic-style robotics competition in the world, and it’s all for an environmental cause.

The 2019 FIRST Global challenge kicks off on Thursday October 24 until Sunday October 27 at the Dubai Festival Arena, and its open to the public to cheer their countries on.

The global competition sees more than 1,500 students from 186 countries tasked with designing a robot that can solve the world’s biggest environmental problems.

This year the robotic challenge brings attention to the critical issue of cleaning up the world’s oceans, as every year millions of tons of pollutants make their way into the world’s oceans, affecting marine life and global populations.

Big task, right?

The challenge, named ‘Ocean Opportunities’, will have two competing alliances, each comprised of three teams from different nations, work to clear the ocean of pollutants in a make-shift arena.

‘Cleanup Crews’ have two minutes and 30 seconds to collect pollutants, deliver them to processing areas, and finally remove their robots from the ocean.

“Hosting the FIRST Global challenge in Dubai reaffirms the importance of this event in the design of robots, the further development of technology skills for young people and further reinforces Dubai’s interest in this futuristic sector,” said founder of FIRST Global Dean Kamen.

Free to enter (spectators). Thu Oct 24-Sun Oct 27. Dubai Festival Arena, Dubai Festival City.

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