FGC Robots Taiwan Sailing Team “The Power of Food Bags” will go to Mexico

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Translated from Chinese.

(Reporter Liao Xueru/Hsinchu Report) 2018 First Global Challenge (FGC) International Tournament in Taiwan, with a total of 10 high school and junior high school students. On the 25th, Qiming University of Science and Technology of China merged technologies, and finally formed a multi-school team. “The power of food bags” won the first place with the most stable performance and quick response. In mid-August, it will represent Taiwan to Mexico to participate in the FGC World Contest.

The FGC selection competition was held in Semia, Taiwan, and was held in cooperation with Mingshin College of Engineering. FGC represented Andrew Bannish as the host and Mingming University of Technology Dean Lu Mingfeng served as the referee. After 10 rounds of intense competitions, the “Team Bag Force”, which was formed by the three members of the Republic of China, the Shuguang Junior High School, the Asia-Pacific American School, and the Dutch International School, won the first place.

Lu Mingfeng stated that the First Global Challenge is the first time this year to go through the trials in Taiwan. Therefore, the FGC Preparatory Committee invites robots to participate in key high school and high school education. There are loyal senior high school, Zhiping Senior High School, Gonggong High School, Nei Sigong, Kai Ying High School, and Guangfu Middle School. Beike Fugong, Miaoli Agro-Engineering, Xiangshan High School, and Zhubei High School 10 teams participated.

Some schools have also recruited Chinese and Chinese teams to form teams, including Ren Paizhong, the Three Minorities, the Shuguang Middle School, and Jianhua Middle School, as well as the Asia Pacific American School and Dutch International School.

Lu Mingfeng said that the theme of this trial is “clean water”. The participating robots must clear the orange balls representing the pollutants in the competition venues designed as villages and rivers. The team that has the highest scoring points wins.

Zhang Shenghong, dean of Mingshi University of Science and Technology, and Xichi Asia organized the FGC with the university. In addition to providing a competition venue with a value of nearly 200,000 yuan, it also donated 20 sets of competitive robot equipment worth 50,000 yuan. The total donation exceeds one million yuan.

In addition to the team’s “Power of Food Bags” team, the team won the championship. The team of “Cyvs Kaiying” of Kai Ying High School and the Gonggong High School, Neith High School, Ren Pai China, and the American School in the Asia-Pacific Region jointly formed the “Ping Maru Meal” team. Second and third. In addition, the General Assembly also presented special awards such as the Popularity Award, Spirit Award, and Technology Award.

Xi Xi Ya, the general manager of Mid-Autumn Festival, said that the champion team will represent Taiwan in August to participate in the World Championships in Mexico, but also participate in the International Invitational Tournament held in China in mid-July. It is hoped that the students of the winning teams will improve their future advantages through international event technology exchanges.

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