FIRST Global Challenge 2017

The inaugural FIRST Global challenge will be held 16-18 July 2017 in Washington, DC (on the grounds of the Constitutional Hall). The challenge is organized as Olympic competition among the teams from more than 160 countries. The national teams will be composed of high school-age youth (15-18 years old). The goals of this global challenge is to excite youth about the value of investing in and pursuing stem education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

FIRST Global aims to inspire science and technology leadership and innovation in young people from all nations in order to increase understanding, impress the importance of cooperation, address the world’s most pressing issues, and improve quality of life for all.Our country will be represented by the Georgia Robotics Team, which is organized by American Academy in Tbilisi. The team includes students from such prominent schools with interest in robotics, as Tbilisi Komarov Physics-Mathematics School and I.Vekua Physics-Mathematics School.

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