HCH TV: Group of young Hondurans will participate in world robotics competition “FIRST Global”

(Translated from Spanish)

The organization Shoulder to Shoulder fulfilling the mission of providing a STEM education to young people in Intibucá has given young people an opportunity to represent Honduras in the world robotics competition organized by FIRST Global. The team has participated in this world competition representing Honduras in Washington DC (2017), Mexico (2018) and Dubai (2019). This year, the national robotics team of Honduras is made up of nine (9) students and four adult mentors who day by day fight to make a worthy representation of our five-star land.

Virtual competition for 2020 — Connecting Communities
This year due to the global pandemic, the competition is being held virtually, under the theme “Connecting Communities.” The competition began on June 25 and will end on September 26 of this year. Compared to previous years, this year is not about making a robot to fulfill a mission, it is about meeting each challenge through photos and videos. Some challenges are individual and others in groups, but in the end a single file is made for the representation of the country.

The challenges
We have developed individual challenges and also for the benefit of the community. Through videos and photographs we have shared about: our typical food, our talents, our dreams of eliminating hunger in our country, we have planted trees in the water sources of our community, we have created a poem dedicated to STEM and FIRST Global and We have contacted the authorities of our department to make alliances and continue expanding our knowledge of robotics. All the challenges carried out are published on our official Facebook page. We started occupying position #94, then little by little we climbed competing among approximately 160 countries. Despite all the connection difficulties we face on a daily basis, we are currently ranked #32 and hope to keep climbing. We are very happy to proudly represent our land of Catracha!