How was Angola’s participation in the 2019 FIRST Global Robotics World Cup?

(Translated from Portuguese)

Angola took part in the Robotics World Cup 2019 in October. The group of Angolans who represented in the Robotics World Cup in Dubai belongs to Arotech (Angola Robotics and Technology), young people who came together to inspire Angolan students and arouse interest in new technologies. and robotics.

About the competition

FIRST® Global Hosts an International Robotics Competition to Raise the Passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (“STEM”) Across More Than Two Billion Young People Around the World for the 2019 Edition Dubai was the chosen destination.

By bringing these future STEM leaders together in an engaged and collaborative competition that investigates the importance, enthusiasm, and applicability of STEM teaching in their communities, FIRST Global inspires students to learn the skills needed to make the breakthroughs that generations of their students experience. parents and grandparents would consider miracles impossibilities or just science fiction.

Being part of FIRST Global is more than just building robots. As participants learn to find solutions to the world’s great challenges – water, energy, safety, medicine, food and education – they also learn to work with each other, trust each other, and become part of a truly community. global.

Competition Results

“The equipment brought to the competition by the Angolan team presented several mechanical and logical problems that made it difficult to achieve the goals, causing the Angolan team to fall 30 positions compared to the last competition.”

Israel was the big winner, with two more European teams (Romania and Belarus) completing the top 3.

The Angolan team was also nominated for 2 other awards, although they did not win them:

  • Judges Award – Non Technical
  • Katherine Johnson Award (Engineering Documentation)

The Angolan team has gained international visibility due to the work it has done in bringing STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) in the communities in Angola, highlighting the participation in several technology fairs in Angola and the initiative to bring robotics to schools.

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