HVG: We can excite Hungarian high school students at an international robotics and programming competition

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This year, the five-person FGC Team will represent Hungary in the programming program the 2020 FIRST Global Challenge, founded by the engineer-inventor Dean Kamen.

This year, the high school members of a five-person Hungarian team, FGC Team Hungary, will also compete in the First Global Challenge, which has existed since 2017 and is an international robotics and programming competition. FGC was founded by engineer and inventor Dean Kamen.

The FGC has so far been held with physical participation, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, competitors are battling online. The competition lasts for three months. It is the responsibility of team members to raise awareness of the importance of STEM education and gain greater support for future engineers, programmers, and inventors.

“Our common goal is to ensure that as many children and young people in the world as possible have access to the appropriate science, technology, design and mathematics education, and the necessary tools,” the Hungarian team wrote in a letter to our editorial office.

Teams from the participating countries have to solve various technical, creative, social media and communication-based artistic tasks. Technical trainings are also held at the competition.

The Hungarian team previously organized fundraising to promote the distance learning of children living in Roma settlements.