IMARA Comoros once again represents the country internationally

(Translated from French)

Due to the covid-19 that is rampant in the world today, the robotics competition is being played remotely from July 24 to September 26. They are 7 young adolescents to participate in this competition and hope to win the trophy.

They are 7 Comorians, 6 girls and 1 boy, once again to work on robotics. Last year, they showed their talents in Dubai, representing the country internationally. Due to the covid-19 pandemic currently raging in the world, these adolescents participate in the competition but from a distance. Its theme is “Connecting Communities”. Hemline Abdallah, a candidate for the previous edition, says she is ready to go beyond her expectations this year. “The competition from the previous year taught me a lot of things and I will then pass my know-how on to others,” she says. “This competition shows once again that women are invaluable in our society. Even though she still must fight, she should never lose sight of the fact she too has a huge part to contribute.”

As a reminder, Imara Comoros is an organization that works in several areas including gender, environmental protection, child protection, and the fight against domestic violence. She is also involved in education. Izati Allaoui and Zamzam Mmadi, enthusiastic in their turn, both new to this platform learned to make visors and chalks as soon as they joined the team. “We are new but what we have learned will take us far. It’s a huge step forward. We invite all Comorian youth to join us in order to learn and share this knowledge within their community.”

As for their mentor, Armel Sylva has shown that the platform has given itself heart and soul by making collections and then selling them, whether food or otherwise, to finance their activities. Imara Comoros does more than just compete. In this period of Covid -19, young people have made visors for healthcare workers to protect them against the coronavirus. “Being a non-governmental organization, we all do it ourselves. We also do sensitization in the villages for sex education especially for the acts of aggression that plague the country.”

As a reminder, the robotics competition is played remotely and it began on July 24 and ends on September 26.