Kab’Oyeri: a Gabonese NGO at the Olympic Robotics Games in Mexico City

Translated from French.

As part of the FIRST Global Challenge, the Olympic games of robotics that will take place from 16 August in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, Gabon will be represented by the non-governmental organization Kab’oyeri, which operates in the digital field.

Since 2017the FIRST Global Challenge has showcased the world’s young scientific talents, particularly in the field of robotics and digital education. The objective of this international event is to encourage the two billion young people around the world to take an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and to promote digital education.

In practice, the creations of the young participants must contribute to solving the most urgent problems of the world and improving the quality of life for all of us. In 2017 the theme of the competition was the creation of a robot that competed in a game themed around access to drinking water.

For this year, it will be building a robot conscious of energy impact, a theme particularly dear to the Gabon team whose country is involved in the preservation of natural ecosystems, and the implementation of policies in sustainable development. This is a great opportunity given to the community, businesses and private entities that strengthens Gabon’s leadership for the climate and accompanying education and financial support of our team,” said the executive secretary of the NGO Kab’Oyeri, Kevin Meyet.

In Mexico City, the Gabon team will compete alongside 160 other nations from around the world. It is an international event. The inaugural ceremony will be an opportunity to highlight the cultural heritage of Gabon.

Note that it is thanks to the Cybele project, which promotes learning the basics of computer programming initiated by the NGO Kab’Oyeri, and whose purpose is to teach children from a young age how to code or program, that Gabon has received an invitation to participate in the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge.

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