Liberia National Robotics Team Appreciates Sponsor and Founder

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FIRST Global Team Liberia, a team being widely considered as Liberia National Robotics Team, on Tuesday, July 7, 2020, at the headquarters of the National Catholic Health Council of Liberia located in Gaye Town, Old Road, had a brief program with its founding National Coordinator, Madam Wilhelmina Kade Browne and presented a certificate of excellence in robotics.

The team is currently being sponsored by Dr. Bhofal Chambers, Speaker of the 54th Legislators of Liberia.

The Team Captain, Miss Micelia Angeline Clarke, during the presentation of certificate thanked Madam Kade Browne for her persistence and support to team Liberia over the years.

“We are here to appreciate what all you have done and are still doing for Team Liberia,” Ms. Clarke said. “You have been the backbone for us. Even if abrupt, you will come and make sure that everything worked fine for us. Last year, by the grace of God through you, we were able to travel to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, where we met a very great reception already planned by you. We were able to meet other young people from around the world who had the same goals as us. Despite the challenges that we were faced with, we did our best and worked with our colleagues from around the world, which involves cooperation and creativity in order to make the world a better place.

“Again we are here today to say thanks for always standing beside us and supporting us no matter what. So I present this Certificate of Excellence on behalf of Team Liberia for all you have done. We hope that God strengthens you more so that your passion for youth support will continue.”

Madam Kade Browne, upon receiving the Certificate of Excellence, lauded the entire team for their farsightedness.

“I am honored and humbled to receive this certificate. In everything, I like for people to show appreciation,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be me or anywhere you find yourself, sometimes it is not the amount you give people that matter, but that thoughtfulness. As a nurse and social worker, it is my desire to see young people moving ahead in life, and if I can deprive myself to see the next person moving to another level, I can do that. The reason why I myself support young people is that I myself from childhood, I have been blessed with different opportunities and people have been so generous to me. Right now where I am, working at the National Catholic Health Council, it is through the generosity of the Catholic Church and some friends. I had opportunities including scholarships and other things where I never placed a dime, and it was other people that supported me, my family, and the church. So it’s my own way of giving back to people when I see the effort of improving their lives.

“Again I am grateful, I appreciate this certificate, I wish Team Liberia all the best, and I’m eagerly waiting to get the way forward in the upcoming FIRST Global 2020 Challenge. Thank you again for performing out there, that is a competition, there is always a winner and a loser.”

Madam Browne, an alumna of the Mother Patern College of Health Sciences and the Mercyhurst University, founded Team Liberia in 2016 with the quest of inspiring students of Liberia to develop a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Since then, Team Liberia has represented Liberia in several international robotics competitions.

From the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, when large gatherings were banned, FIRST Global has been unable to host the 2020 Challenge.

Miss Arzuo Joyfe, one of Team Liberia robotics designers and simulators, outlines plans for the 2020 Challenge.

“This year’s challenge theme is called CONNECTING COMMUNITIES,” Joyfe says. “Connecting Communities consists of three months filled with social media and technical challenges, talks by STEM professionals, and technical training sessions, all while connecting the FIRST Global Community around the world. We encourage students from around Liberia to join us as we learn together, innovate together, make change together, and connect the globe. The season consists of four types of engagement: Social Media and Technical Challenges, STEM Talks and Interviews, Technical Training Sessions, and Resources.”

One of Team Liberia’s mentors, Engineer Nuepaul Kortu, extended thanks for the splendid work done by Madam Kade Browne. “I would like to extend my words of appreciation to Sister Kade for her unwavering support over the years. We are still pushing and hope that STEM Club Team Liberia will be recognized across the country, where people will feel the impact of STEM because nowadays people still don’t understand what STEM really means. People are still asking where the engineers, doctors, technicians are, and so on. I think we the young can venture into this field and make Liberia a better place because someone in recent times from Bong County designed a water machine.”

The Award-winning Mentor during the 2019 FIRST Global challenge, held in Dubai, Engineer Redeemer J. Wonsiah, who persevered despite the challenges and received the award of “OUTSTANDING MENTOR”, noted that the though world is currently on lockdown, if the innovations of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are being embraced by the youths, Non-Governmental Organizations, and the Government of Liberia, the quality of life for all will improve.

He encouraged Team Liberia to envision on building a unique and unparalleled platform for both the privileged and underprivileged students and youths of Liberia to come together in one place, in order to share knowledge, discover, invent, design, and build a new Liberia through the innovations of Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics.