Maldives scores second place at Global Robotics competition

Maldivian students won second place along with Iceland and Colombia at the FIRST Global ‘Robotics Olympics International competition held in Mexico.

A total of 190 countries took part in this competition aimed at youngsters between 14 to 18 years.

Competing from the Maldives were 15-year-old Yameen Yooshaau of Majeedhiyaa School, 15-year-old Ridhaa Anees of Jamaaludheen School, 17-year-old Hassan Naasih from Center for Higher School Education (CHSE) competed.

Only 48 countries qualified for the second round of the second portion of the two-round competition were qualified for the second round. Team member Hassan Naasih noted that they qualified for the second round at fifth position.

Naasih further explained that the 48 countries were divided into 16 groups, with three countries in each group. Maldives was in the same group as Ice land and Columbia.

The trio made a robot called ‘Rani Kanbaa’, a remote-controlled robot that can carry objects. The robot was built using equipment provided by the competition organizers over a period of two weeks.

“We were sent a kit by FIRST Global as this was our first time competing. There was a delay in getting the kit as it got stuck at Customs, so we got only two weeks to build the robot”, said team member Yameen.

The Maldivian team lost against Romania, Singapore, and Germany,

Since none of the team members had previously worked in robotics, they faced a lot of challenges. The team members said that they had to work really hard to come this far in the competition.

“Although we hadn’t done similar work previously, we gave it our best shot. We didn’t say we don’t know, and just give up,” said Naasih.

This global Olympics brings together youth from all over the world to give them a chance to share their passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

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