Rapallo, the mayor meets the students of Robotics: “We are proud”

(Translated from Italian)

Rapallo – The mayor of Rapallo Carlo Bagnasco and the president of the Municipal Council Mentore Campodonico met at the Fortunato Liceti Institute the students who successfully participated in the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge in Dubai.

In the assembly hall, where the «Hackathons» were taking place, the project marathons between groups of students, the principal Norbert Künkler explained that the whole Hydrocarbot project started with a «Hackathon» last winter. The adventure led the boys to win the National Robotics Olympics and the First Global Robotics Challenge in Dubai where they finished second.

“We are very proud – said Carlo Bagnasco – they have shown that with will and tenacity it is possible to go far . Second place among 191 nations was not taken for granted . The adventure began after the tragic events of last fall, when the group of students wanted to make something that could help clean the sea. We believe we want to reward this fantastic result again and I personally thank the boys and Professor Dodero for bringing the name of Rapallo, the Liceti Institute and Liguria all over the world with a project that safeguards our marine environment “. The president of the Council Mentor Campodonico invited the boys and professor Dodero on Wednesday at 6.00 pm inCouncil Advise of the Town Hall for a thank you from all the Municipal Administration.

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