Robotics unites the country in a contest to represent the country

Translated from Spanish.

Students from all provinces will participate in the Robotics Cup to reach the Dubai World Cup.

From August 29 to 31, the City of Buenos Aires will host the 2019 Robotics Cup, a contest that will define the team that will travel to the FIRST Global Challenge, the Dubai Robotics World Cup. The local competition is organized by the Ministry of Education and Innovation of the City and Educabot, a company that provides educational technology solutions, and will be held at the Mary Terán Stadium in Weiss (Rock Park). 

The 2019 Robotics Cup seeks to accompany the implementation of new technologies in the education system and inspires fundamental skills in today’s society in students. The event proposes to use programming and robotics tools to find solutions to major global challenges such as the problem of pollution in the oceans, while strengthening skills such as creativity, collaboration and teamwork. 

“Robotics is a means for children to develop basic programming and electronic principles, which today are very important skills that open opportunities. The Cup promotes that this learning be oriented to the search for creative solutions to real-life problems,” said Matías Scovotti, CEO and co-founder of Educabot.

For three days, teams from different provinces will compete to define who will represent the country in the FIRST Global Challenge. Each group must meet the requirement of being mixed and made up of three, four or five students who are between 14 and 18 years old, plus a mentor with proven experience in robotics.

On  Thursday 29/8 the Cup will be open only for the teams and the delegations that accompany them, for the verification of the robots, the review of rules and the draw of the matches. On Friday 30/8 will be the official opening and both that day and the Saturday 31/8 competition will be open to the public with free admission. The leadership of the Cup will be in charge of Dani Martins and Nicole Luis, and will be attended by Osvaldo Príncipi as rapporteur. The public will be able to witness the inauguration with the parade of the teams, attend the official matches, as well as participate in activities, games and a musical closing by Agapornis. 

The dynamics of local competition is a replica of the international instance. Students are presented with a playful challenge to solve using a robotics kit and applying programming skills. This year, the challenge has to do with the theme of the sustainability of the oceans and the participants must design robots that work to clean them of pollutants. The competition takes place through “matches” in which robots must manipulate and move objects effectively within a field of play in a given time. Each team will add points based on the goals achieved by the robots. 

The winning team will reach the international instance, the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge, which will take place from October 24 to 27 in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, with the participation of more than 190 countries. This Robotics World Cup is held every year in a different country and with a specific theme based on the 14 major engineering challenges identified by the United States National Academy of Engineering. 

This will be the third time that Argentina participates in this World Cup. In the 2018 edition, held in Mexico City, the Argentine team played a notable role: it was in the 13th position of the competition and won the Safety Award.

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