Romania’s Robotics Team goes to the US Olympics on their own money. “A parent has made considerable sponsorship”

Translated from Romanian.

The students will arrive in Washington on Friday, where they will compete with over 160 teams. Unfortunately, Romania has no sponsor, so the parents of these young people are paying thousands of euros for us to represent our country.

Alexandra Pacuraru, Olympic student: “The purpose of this competition is to encourage students to pursue careers that focus on solving global problems, the theme of this year being water pollution. It is one of the 14 globally recognized problems that should be solved by technology. ”

Each has his well established role. Alexandra, for example, is in the 11th grade and deals with team marketing.

Alexandra Pacuraru, Olympic student: “It will be like the Olympics, we will receive a silver or bronze gold medal, I hope to return with a medal at home.”

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