SENA apprentices will represent Colombia in Robotics World


Translated from Spanish.

Omar García Falla, 19 years old, Natalia Charry Vargas, 16, and Bryant Hernández Perdomo, 15, are the three SENA Huila apprentices who will represent Colombia at the FIRST Global Challenge robotics olympiad.

“The efforts are rewarded and this invitation, which includes a scholarship for the three apprentices and an instructor to participate in this international contest, is the result of having consolidated the Digital Manufacturing Laboratory, Fablab, which is in the worldwide laboratory network and which was the stage where a robot was designed, assembled and learned to control,” said Fermín Beltrán Barragán, deputy director of the Center for Industry, Business and Services of Neiva.

For Wilmer Leonardo Angarita Maldonado, instructor SENA who accompanies the participants, this is another opportunity to introduce young people to science and technology issues and thus focus their interests on research and technological development, fields that open doors to them, including academic scenarios of the national and international order.


These three young people from Huila who dream of bringing the country the Gold Medal, have been prepared in the environments of the entity to compete against more than 150 countries while designing, assembling and controlling a robot that will give renewable energy solutions to the world.

The international event in which Colombians will be led by FIRST Global, an organization that seeks to ignite and promote the passion for technology among the more than two billion young people around the world, as is the case of Natalia Charry Vargas, a student of the ninth grade of the educational institution Liceo Santa Librada, educational school articulated with the SENA’s Tecnoacademia in the capital of Huila.

“I am pleased to be a member of this delegation that will demonstrate that in Colombia we are very interested in the environment and in finding solutions with technology,” said Natalia Charry, who added that “everything started with my participation in the Technoacademy. Here I was passionate about robotics and engineering, issues that today open international doors to me like this olympiad. “

The people of Huila were selected through tests of creativity and problem solving that were done to the ‘more pilos’ apprentices of the Center for Industry, Business and Services, as well as the Neiva Technoacademy.

In this way, SENA continues to contribute to innovation and technological development in Huila and Colombia.

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